Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 Guitars

Along with the 3-string gift guitar I decided to finish up a 2-string "chugger" that's been sitting around unfinished for almost a year. Below is the 2-string cigar box. I got lazy and just used 2x4's for neck blocks instead of cutting something more fitting, and I opted for a side sound hole, which will be on top when the guitar is played.

Meanwhile, here is the box for the gift guitar with the back stained dark walnut to match the neck (more or less) and the front stained a "Golden Pecan." The back will get a coat of gloss polyurethane while the front will get a satin finish.
Two necks being carved and rounded on the underside. I don't own a router, sanding belt, or palm sander, so it's all done with a B-grade set of wood chisels and sandpaper. I really should get a router...

The scarf joint on the 2-string (below) was hand cut and is a little off, but still usable.
I also added a decorative heel to the 2-string neck where it meets the box, and it left a small gap around the edge of the heel. I attempted to fill that gap with a mixture of wood glue and sawdust. The picture below was taken before sanding, but even after it still ain't pretty. Lesson learned.
Here I'm using a small pin vise to drill holes for the side fret position markers on the 2-string. I decided to go with simple black furniture tacks on the 2-string and tiny brass screws on the 3-string, since they'll show up nicely against the darker wood.
That's it for now. Next post will probably feature the finished or almost finished guitars!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

First Guitar 2018

It's been a while, but I finally started on a new build, a gift for a friend who presented me with an awesome hand-made Native American flute. This is the very beginnings of what I hope will be a visually pleasing, good-sounding guitar.
What's been keeping me from guitar building? A list of other projects for family or friends, including the gorgeous antique cedar chest pictured below. Two of the feet had broken apart, and some stripped out screw holes needed to be chiseled out, with new wood inserted and drilled.
This project has been completed, and my hope now is that this first guitar will lead to several others before the year is out. Be sure to check back or subscibe! 😎

Finished 2-String

My only output for 2018 😐